The Trustsaver® Portfolio

Trustsaver® is an ever-expanding portfolio of high quality, branded products which offer significant acquisition cost savings vs. market-leading products for prescribing budgets.

View our current portfolio below.

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Designed to help prescribing budgets go further

The Trustsaver® portfolio of products includes:
  • Salcrozine 500 mg gastro-resistant tablets (mesalazine)
  • Salcrozine 1000 mg gastro-resistant tablets (mesalazine)
  • Thorens® 10,000 I.U./ml oral drops, solution (colecalciferol)
  • Thorens® 25,000 I.U./2.5ml oral solution (colecalciferol)
  • Zemtard® XL (diltiazem hydrochloride)